Special: Tier I to the Front!


We all got involved in World of Tanks with these little vehicles. Some of us continued on our happy way up the tech trees and forget all about these good old friends, but some of us still love to battle with them once in a while! Perhaps you are still improving your skills before facing up against the colossal machines! After concentrating mostly on new vehicles, heavies and some other wild beasts, we now want you to remember your Tier I vehicles and the days of when you were still a novice commander!

To show our devotion and respect to our beloved little friends, we are offering you a bonus that will make all of you want to jump in and roll-out!

From Monday April 1st 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until Tuesday April 2nd 07:00 CEST, the following bonuses will be available in game:


x2 Credit Income with all Tier I tanks

Double your credit gains while showing everyone how far developed your skills are! It is time to teach some new tricks to the beginners. Don’t you think that the best way to learn is to practice with the masters!

However, you might have sold your beloved Tier I or want to try out a different one.  Fear not, for here is an additional bonus that will help you out:

50% Discount on all Tier I tanks

Do not miss this great opportunity to collect them all!


Commanders, come and join the party, the fun is guaranteed!

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