Special: Tank of the Month Discount


Tempted by the extra credits on the Tank of the Month?  Want to have a go at driving the might of the German Tier VII tank destroyer Jagdpanther! Then we have a delightfully sweet offer for you!  That’s right, you heard right! Not only will you be earning an extra 30% credits with the Jagdpanther every time you roll out on the battlefields this month, but we are also reducing its purchase price over the next few days, to help make every player a proud owner of this feisty machine.

From 1st April 07:10 CEST (05:10 GMT) until 5th April 07:00 CEST (05:00 GMT) you will be able to enjoy the following special offer: 

50% discount on the German Tier VII tank destroyer Jagdpanther

Save over half a million credits and get this very capable tank destroyer for only 672,500 coins! With all that money you save, you could easily buy a couple of great equipment pieces to further improve your machine’s performance on the battlefield, and up your win ratio in the global rankings!


Get yours now while you can! This offer won’t last forever, Commanders…

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