Special: A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned


Reaching the pinnacle of the tech tree in World of Tanks is a long journey! There are so many great machines and battles to be had! As well as the essential courage that you need to overwhelm your enemies, you also need to carefully manage your treasury so that you can try out all these machines in new adventures.

All of the great veterans that you meet with their dream machines are not only skilled commanders but also good financial managers! They recognised the importance of saving up their after-battle earnings with the lower tiers so that they could afford the big beasts. As the title of our special offer implies, they keep patiently saving up their earnings to use them for the future growth of their arsenal.

This weekend’s special will allow rookies and veterans to save up some significant funds!

From Saturday 15th June 07:10 CEST (GMT+2) until Tuesday 18th June 07:00 CEST (GMT +2) everyone will be able to benefit from the following in-game bonuses:

Double Crew Experience 

This time the experience boost is for your crew. We accelerate their training by letting them to earn twice as much experience for each battle! Make sure that there is nobody left doing fiesta in barracks!

Medal Hunt: Sniper

Get ready to make the most deadly shots ever seen in battlefields! Each time you achieve at least 85% hits out of a minimum of ten shots fired with the potential damage of 1,000 HP and more, you will not only be able to pin the Sniper decoration, but you will also earn additional 6,000 credits!



80% Increased credit earnings on the following vehicles: 

Please bear in mind that this bonus is not available on premium vehicles and SPG’s!

Up to 50% off camouflage: 

Dress up your vehicle with your favourite pattern! Whether you pay with gold or credits you will benefit from this great discount!

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Commanders, it is time to roll out and fill your piggy banks!