Special Offer: Military Parade


Commemorate the end of World War II in Europe on the 8th May 1945 on our battlefields.

From Saturday 11th May 07:10 CEST (GMT+2) until Tuesday 14th May 07:00 CEST (GMT +2) you will be able to benefit from the following in-game bonuses: 


X5 Experience for the first victory of the day 

Each first victory, with all the tanks, during this period will grant you 5 times more experience than usual.

Take all your vehicles out for a ride and try to beat your personal experience record! 

X3 Crew Experience for all Tier X Vehicles and Tier VIII Self-propelled guns

Have you reached the top tier? Congratulations then! Enjoy triple crew experience for all top tier vehicles!


X2 Crew Experience for all Tier IX Vehicles and Tier VII Self-propelled guns

Train your crew like there is no tomorrow. This time we are aiming higher and higher! All Tier IX tanks and tank destroyers to the front with Tier VII SPGs to follow! 


Medal Hunt: Top Gun 


Destroy more enemy vehicles than any other player in your team (at least 6) and each time you earn the Top Gun medal, you will be automatically rewarded with 25,000 additional credits.

50% Discount on regular equipment

Fill up your garage with equipment, and pay half the usual price in credits! Equip your tanks with a lovely new Gun Rammer, Cyclone Filter or other high-tech kit, and show your enemy the advantages of vehicles with some extra boost!

30% Discount on all Tier VIII Tanks and Tier VI Self-propelled guns

Are you a fan of Tier VIII tanks and tank destroyers or Tier VI SPGs? Enjoy them this weekend with a nice discount on all of them!

50% profit increase with all Tier VII tanks and tank destroyers

Each commander wants to gain as many credits as possible, as they are the key to buying the best modules and new tanks. This weekend, you can  earn 50% more credits after each battle with all Tier VII tanks and tank destroyers!

50% Discount on following Premium Vehicles: 
 Type  Tier  Vehicle  Name
 III T-127 (Soviet)
 IV Valentine II (Soviet)
 V Matilda IV (Soviet)
 V Churchill III (Soviet)
 III  FCM36 PaK40 (French)
 IV  105 LeFH18B2 (French)
 Matilda Black Prince (British)
 III  PzKpfw S35 739(f) (German)
 V  T-25 (German)
III  T-15 (German)
 V  Ram II (American)
 V  T14 (American)

Premium vehicles reward you with extra credits every time you drive them. They come in Elite status, which means that the experience they win can be converted into free experience to be used to research other tanks.   

This weekend we love premium tanks! Choose the one that suits you the best! 

15% Discount on all Tier VIII Premium Tanks

What about the big boys? All those mighty Tier VIII premium vehicles have 15% off!

50% Discount on all consumables

Whether you want to buy them with gold or credits, refill your stocks for half price!

50% Discount on garage slots

Expand your garage with extra slots! You never know when you might want a new vehicle!

50% Discount on training and re-training crew members

Did you purchase a new vehicle? If you would like to train or retrain your crew for gold or  credits, you can do it for half price!

50% Discount on skill resets

Your crew might want to change their career path…now they can for less gold or credits!

Up to 50% Discount on Camouflage and Emblems

Be original! Decorate your tank with fancy emblems and give your favourite vehicles some fresh camouflage paint, for one week or forever.  It’s up to half price, so don’t think twice!

Discounts on Premium Accounts

Are you one of those who enjoy the benefits of a Premium account? If not, you should try it. A Premium account earns you 50% more experience, crew experience and credits after every single battle! With a Premium account your garage looks very tidy. Which commander doesn’t like to have a nicely polished tank in a clean garage?! It’s a pleasure for your eyes!

Premium account  Price
Premium account: Half year  15% off the usual price 
Premium account: Seven Days 7 Days for price of three day 
Premium account: 3 Days  3 Days for price of one days 


Commanders, roll out on our battlefields and test the achievements of warfare made through the Second World War!