Special Offer: Be My Valentine


The day of love is here! Even the bravest commander has feelings, and we all know that love can be found all around the world in different forms. Of course, for some of us our beloved tank on the battlefields is our greatest love. Therefore we have decided that St. Valentine’s Day deserves your and our attention. Don’t be scared, we are not going to be shooting ponies and rainbows from our guns! However, we will be sharing some love with you, our players. We have prepared a special for the day.

The Be My Valentine weekend will be available on our battlefields from 14th February at 06:10 CET (05:10 GMT) until 16th February at 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT):


 increased experience for the first victory of the day

Show us the real love and dedication towards your teammates!


Medal Hunt: Sniper

Obtain the Sniper achievement by achieving at least 85% hits out of a minimum of ten shots fired with the potential damage of 1,000 HP and more, and earn 550 experience points!

After all, isn’t Cupid a sniper too?


70% discount on following vehicles:

 Tier IV Valentine (British)
Premium Tier IV Valentine II (Soviet)

If you have already purchased the British Valentine Tier IV, you can enjoy 100% increased profit on it.


That’s not all! We are also be sharing the tank love with a special bonus code!  


As you may notice, the name of the tank is very appropriate! Many of you might be wondering if it has something to do with Valentine’s Day, or if it is just a coincidence.

Sadly the absolute truth is unknown, but theories abound.  Some rumours say that that the name came about because the Valentine was submitted to the War Office on St. Valentine’s Day - 14th February 1940. However, other reports claim that it was actually the 10th February 1938. Further sources claim that Valentine was the middle name of Sir John V. Carden, the designer of many vehicles including the Valentine’s predecessors. Another version says that Valentine is an acronym for Vickers-Armstrong Ltd Elswick & (Newcastle-upon) Tyne.

For the purposes of our special, let's go with the first version and enjoy some real loving on our battlefields!


Commanders, get into your tank and turn on the radio to your favourite love song. Roll out!

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