Special and Contest: The Great Hunt


It wouldn’t be a proper week-end without some great battles that you could enjoy through the whole weekend while resting after strenuous week. This time we go wild with our new Contest and Special! As you might have notice quite a few tanks are called after wild animals. Obviously, that is not a coincidence – wild beasts can be large and fearsome, just like the tanks named after them! The animal kingdom is as colourful as our battlefields.

This event is both a Special and a Contest!

The Great Hunt: Special

There are bonuses in store for you if you play a vehicle named after an animal.  Be warned though – the hunters will be out to catch you.. 

From 23rd November, 06:30 CET (05:30 GMT) until 27th November, 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT) you will be able to enjoy following game advantages:

30% additional income with following “prey” vehicles:


Self-Propelled Guns

  • Sturmpanzer I Bison (German, Tier II) – Named after a nearly extinct species. Though there are only few of them left, the bison is one of the biggest living animals. Endow your bison with life and roll out on battlefields!
  • Wespe (German, Tier III) - ‘Wespe’ means wasp, so take aim on your enemy and help your swarm to victory!
  • Grille (German, Tier IV) – ‘Grille’ means cricket, a large insect known for its evening song. Create a humming chorus and bring death to your enemies.
  • Hummel (German, Tier V) – A hummel is a bumblebee.  Be as busy as a bee with this popular SPG.
  • Gw Panther (German, Tier VI) – Dark and sleek, the panther hides in the shadows and strikes when least expected.


  • M22 Locust (American Light tank, Tier III) – Locusts are large insects known for swarming their prey and leaving nothing left but dust.  Can you live up to your tank’s namesake?
  • Luchs (German Light tank, Tier III) – A lynx is a large cat, known for leaping out of the bushes in a surprising ambush.  Hide away in the undergrowth and choose your moment.
  • Leopard (German Light tank, Tier IV) – The spots on a leopard are one of nature’s best forms of camouflage.  Hide your tank well and catch your enemies unawares.
  • PzKpfw V Panther (German Medium tank, Tier VII) – The panther leads a solitary life, waiting for that perfect moment to strike. Only a strong, patient and powerful beast like you can take down anything you like!
  • Pzkpfw VI Tiger (German Heavy tank, Tier VII) – Force and beauty are the traits of a tiger. Show your stripes and follow their example!
  • PzKpfw VI Tiger (P) (German Heavy tank, Tier VII) – Roar with the tiger! Miaow!

 Tank Destroyers

  • Marder II (German, Tier III) – The pine marten is a small animal, known for its speed and cunning.  You’ll never see it coming.
  • Jagdpanther (German, Tier VII) – The panther is such a great hunter that three vehicles were named after it!  Be the deadliest predator and hunt down your enemies.
  • M10 Wolverine (American, Tier V) – Contrary to their name, wolverines actually resemble tiny bears.  They are power and versatile predators and scavengers, afraid of nothing and capable of taking down far larger prey.

Roll out on the battlefields, outwit the hunters and earn extra credits for your efforts!


The Great Hunt: Contest

Perhaps you simply don’t care to drive any of the vehicles above.  Perhaps you get your thrill on being on the predator side of the hunt.  Regardless, this contest is for you!

From 24th November, 07:00 CET, until 26th November, 23:59 CET you can join our Great Hunt contest.

  • The goal of this contest is to hunt down as many of the prey vehicles as you can in a single battle. Just remember, the hunter cannot also be the prey.  If you want to hunt, you must do so in a vehicle that is not listed above.
  • Contest entries must be taken from random battles.
  • Please send your submissions to following e-mail address: great_hunt@wargaming.net in following format:
  • Subject line: [Big Hunt] – nickname- animal tanks killed
    • Example: [Big Hunt] – CzechOut-8
  • You must attach the replay of the battle and a screenshot of the final results screen showing the destroyed tank types.
  • If you can, please list the killed animal tanks in the e-mail body (optional)
  • Winners will be chosen in accordance to the amount of “wild beast” killed on battlefields. In case of draw experience gained will be decision factor.  Premium bonus is included, but first victory bonus is not.
  • Only one submission per player allowed.
  • In order for submissions to be valid, the battle must take place during the period of the contest.




1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th - 7th Place


In addition, all winners will receive prestige forum title: The Great Hunter!

Be a hunter or be a prey with some fancy bonuses. It doesn’t matter which side you choose – take the lead with your favourites!

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