Special Mission: Strengthening the Position


We hope you used the exclusive set of special missions to your advantage and managed to raise a formidable stronghold for your clan! It’s not the time to rest on your laurels yet, however. A wise commander knows that a stronghold, once built, needs to be maintained. We understand this fact as well and so we will be issuing an additional special mission to help you maintain your clan’s base.

Now here comes the good part: this mission will be available for the entire duration of this version of the game! That’s right, starting from when Version 9.3 goes live, the following mission will be active until Version 9.4 is released:


Strengthening the Position


+50% XP for every battle


  • Strongholds game mode only
  • All vehicles of all Tiers
  • Repeatable


  • Play a battle


Grow strong together with your strongholds, Commanders!