Special: French Prototypes


This weekend we have a special in which you will have the chance to obtain some exclusive French machines. Some of these existed only on the blueprints, whilst others underwent trials on the battlefields with without ever seeing mass production.

These vehicles are a memorial to the ingenuity and creativity of those French tank designers during World War II. For our special, World of Tanks commanders will get the opportunity to add these French prototypes into their garage, and then roll out with them to earn some extra credits!

The special will take place from 2nd February 06:10 CET (05:10 GMT) until 5th February 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT)! We invite everyone to enjoy the following bonuses:


Medal Hunt: Defender

Do you have the instincts to protect your home base? Then combine them with your fighting skills, and reduce the enemy capture points by at least 70! You will obtains the Defender achievement as normal, but you will also automatically be rewarded with 15,000 additional credits for your heroic endeavours!



50% discount on the following vehicles:


It is the perfect time to include these unique vehicles from the French tech tree into your collection!

50% increased profits on all the vehicles listed above.

These prototypes will provide you with increased credit gains after each fight during the special! You just need to decide which one of them is the most suited to your gameplay and watch your account fill up!


50% discount on barracks enlargement:

Enlarging your garage means that you will need extra crew members. Here is a great deal so that you can extend your barracks for your new recruits!


Up to 50% discount on emblems:

With your favorite machine, you are already a fearsome tanker for your opponents! However, would you like to be recognised even better with your special emblem? Whether you pay for it with gold or credits, take advantage of this discount to decorate your tank!


50% discount on Crew Personal Data Changes:

Don’t forget that it possible to modify the personal data of your entire crew! This weekend, there is 50% off for this feature, should you wish to change the names and faces of your tankers!


Please note that this offer will only be available until Tuesday, so do not miss the chance to make the most of it!

With their unusual appearance and characteristics, all of these extraordinary vehicles are ready to surprise your enemies on the battlefields!

So why not engrave an emblem on the steel companion that expresses you the best and make your weekend even more exclusive with these prototypes! Roll out!

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