Special: Cry Havoc


Are you up for some serious damage dealing and causing a couple of tragedies of Shakespearean proportions on the battlefield this weekend? In that case, ready your armoured dogs of war and, from Saturday 4 October at 07:10 until Tuesday 7 October at 07:00 CEST (UTC +2)enjoy the following in-game bonuses:


Triple Experience for the First Victory of the Day

The greater the victory, the more prominent the bonus!


30% discount on all standard heavy tanks and tank destroyers, Tiers VI – VII

Pick your heavy-metal hellhound at a favourable price!


30% discount on the Tier VII British Premium tank destroyer, AT 15A

This Premium British colossus will surprise you with how many shots it can bounce!


50% discount on crew skill reset

Need to fix your crew’s skills? Now’s the perfect time – all options included!


Up to 50% discount on camouflage patterns, emblems and inscriptions

Personalise your vehicles and apply some camouflage with a nice discount!



For the Queen!


1 x Enhanced Gun Laying Drive 


  • British vehicles of Tier IV or above only
  • Random Battles only
  • Once per account


  • Earn a total of 35,000 XP over any number of battles
  • Fire at least one successful damaging shot at an enemy vehicle per battle. Shots damaging modules (tracks, engine, turret etc.) count.
Tommies Everywhere!


+50% Crew Experience


  • Tier IV or above only
  • Random Battles only
  • Repeatable


  • Destroy at least 1 British vehicle in the course of the battle


Commanders! Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!