Special: Covering Fire


How could you survive on the front lines without the support of your team mates watching your back?  Can you think of all the times a well-timed artillery shell has saved your life or a helpful and agile medium has swooped in to distract an advancing heavy? What about those times it’s nearly been game over, if not for the quick reactions of a tank destroyer waiting in ambush or the reliable gun of the T29 giving you cover?

This weekend, we want to celebrate the supporting fire from these tanks which is essential to your advance and victory. The damage dealt in a game not only comes from the carnage on the front lines, but also the deadly shots from behind. A variety of tanks that provide essential covering fire and support will benefit this weekend!

From Saturday, October 13th at 07:30 CEST (05:30 GMT) to Tuesday, October 16th at 07:00 (05:00 GMT), players can take advantages of the following bonuses: 


50% discount on the following vehicles:
  • Tier VII Soviet tank destroyer SU-152
  • Tier VII German tank destroyer Jagdpanther
  • Tier VII American medium tank T20
  • Tier VII French light tank AMX 13 75

Enlarge your arsenal at low cost!

50% discounts on garage slots

Extra space is always nice, even if you’re not buying new tanks now it’s a good investment for the future!. All the garage slots will cost 150 gold instead of 300 gold.

70% increased profits earned with the following vehicles:
  • Tier VI Soviet self-propelled gun SU-14
  • Tier VI German self-propelled gun GW Panther
  • Tier VI American self-propelled gun M12
  • Tier VI French self-propelled gun Lorraine155 50
  • Tier VII American heavy tank T29
  • Tier VII Soviet medium tank KV-13

Staying hidden and raining havoc on the enemy positions with these deadly beasts will give you 70% more credits than usual for each battle! 

Don’t forget that this offer is only available until Tuesday morning. Don’t wait to take advantage of these bonuses!

Have fun covering your team mates!

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