Special: Big and Heavy


It is time for the real deal. You have grown up to be a veteran commander, and now you can battle with a bigger toy without worrying about every flickering leaf. Wargaming has grown as well. We actually grew up a lot over these last few years, and to celebrate our 15sth anniversary, we have prepared some offers for you. The first of these offers involves bonuses on heavy tanks over the course of two weeks. After all, now the mightiest machines no longer impress you because the time when you used to cautiously drive a small Tier I are long gone. Let’s do some real damage with top tiers all month-long with these Big and Heavy offers!

From Wednesday 1st May 07:10 until Wednesday 15th May 07:00 CEST (GMT+2), this first edition of the Big and Heavy special will give you:

30% discount and 30% increased credits on the following Soviet heavy tanks:

Tier VIII IS-3
  Tier IX IS-8
  Tier X IS-7

If you want to park these heavy beasts in your garage, it will cost you less. If you already have them, each time you play a battle with them, you will win more money. This offer for lasts two weeks, so be ready to rake in the credits!

Do you want to know how to get the most out of these machines? Take a look at the IS-3 Tutorial to start at the beginning with the biggest! Meanwhile, if you are not yet at those highest tiers, don’t forget that the T-34 (Tier V) and T-34-85 (Tier VI) are on offer throughout May as our Tanks of the Month!


See you soon for more Big and Heavy offers!