Special: Back To Your Roots


Real tankers never forget where they come from. They all look back fondly with a tear in the eye to their earliest times, and never miss the chance to revisit those times when they grew up.

This weekend, let’s have a look back at the toys you played with when you were a rookie. Can you remember your first impressive battles? The pride you felt when you drove a small tank and gained  your first Sniper medal…?

From Saturday 30th March at 06:10 CET (05:10 GMT) until Tuesday April 2nd at 07:00 CEST (GMT+2), relive your youth and bring out your Tier III and IV tanks! Whilst doing that, you will be able to enjoy the following bonuses:


Medal Hunt: Sniper

Each time you gain the Sniper medal (on any tier vehicle), your account will automatically increase by 6000 credits! To win this shiny badge, you will need to strike well and cause the most potential damage to your enemies in the battlefield. Don’t waste your shells! Each hit should deal damage.

Polish your gunner’s spectacles, and reload your shells!



100% more credits with all Tier III and light, medium and heavy IV tanks

Earn twice as many credits after each battle with any Tier III tank and with light, medium or heavy tank of Tier IV. Premium tanks are not included, but the list of eligible vehicles is long enough to keep you going on the battlefields for hours!

They may be small… but they make you rich!


X2 Crew Experience

Make your crew learn faster, whichever tank they serve on. A well-trained crew improves the performance of your tank, so don’t play with rookies!  Get them trained up!

Enough lying around in the barracks. It is time to put your crewmen to work!


Up to 50% off Camouflage

Whether you want to dress up your tank just for the week or forever, there is currently a sale on camouflage patterns. You will be good-looking, and better hidden as well… why wait?

Match your camouflage with your socks!


Don’t miss this offer, commanders. It won’t last beyond Tuesday morning! 


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