Soviet Steel Weekend



Soviet tanks have long been noted in the game for their good firepower.  Even the heaviest ones are quite fast, and their maneuverability also gives them the edge in a battle. Their enemies know well that they should fear the power of the Soviet guns.

Of course, the downside to Soviet tanks is their horribly long reloading speed. But a real Soviet tank commander knows how to balance this and to create destruction with their huge steel machine.

This weekend, the red starred heavy tanks are an excellent choice to enter the battlefield with. From Saturday 25th August at 07:30 CEST (05:30am GMT) until Tuesday August 28th at 07:00 CEST (05:00am GMT), you will receive the following bonuses in game:


50% discount on these Soviet heavy tanks:
  • KV-1 (tier V)
  • KV-1S (tier VI)
  • T-150 (tier VI)

Enlarge your arsenal for half the price!

200% profit (double credits) for each battle fought with these Soviet tanks:
  • KV-3 (tier VII heavy tank)
  • KV-13 (tier VII medium tank)
125% profit with this tank:
  • KV-4 (tier VIII heavy tank)

Stay Soviet to earn more credits after each battle.

 50% discount on credits consumables

Treat your crew from all nations with these useful consumables at half price.

X3 experience bonus for your crew

Motivated by the Soviet spirit of this weekend, tankers of all nations will improve their abilities three times faster! Get new skills quickly!


Remember that this offer is only available until Tuesday morning. Don’t miss the big bonuses you could receive this weekend!

Follow the red star, commanders!


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