Double Tap for Sweet Soviet Deals


This month marks the introduction of double-barreled guns in World of Tanks. As this game mechanic comes straight from the mind of Soviet engineers, we thought some attention for the mighty Soviet tanks was timely. So enjoy sweet deals on even sweeter merch: tank plushes. They will cuddle you after a hard game but unlike cats, they won't step on your keyboard during your battle!

IS-7 - 19.99 instead of 29.99

KV-2 - 19.99 instead of 29.99

T-34 - 19.99 instead of 29.99

New Arrivals

If you're lucky enough to already share your space with fluffy companions, or if Soviet tanks aren't your cup of tea, check out our new arrivals. Stay warm during the last winter months with the Two-Tone and Zip Up Teddy Lining hoodies, Play Top Trumps anytime, anywhere, with as many people as you like, and keep all your belongings close wherever you go thanks to a new Messenger Bag

World of Tanks Zip Up Hoodie with Teddy Lining

World of Tanks Two Tones Hoodie

World of Tanks Top Trumps English

World of Tanks Messenger Bag



Roll Out!