Second public test of the version 7.3 [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Today, May 8 at 15:00 UTC the public test server will be stopped.


The World of Tanks development team gives you the opportunity to participate in the second 7.3 mass test. The update will be released in the near future. At this occasion, we would like to ask for your feedback during this process.

In the meantime, the special World of Tanks 7.3 update will only be available on our test servers. The initial date and time is April 28th. The estimated end date of the 7.3 test is May 2nd, 2012. Please note that only those players who registered prior to April 17th, 2012 before 02:00 CEST (00:00pm GMT) would be able to login to the test server.

In order to make your game experience more efficient we need to limit the number of players on the server. As a result you could be placed on the waiting list each time we reach 26.000.

Please note that the public test server restarts every two days at 3:00 CEST (1:00am GMT) and lasts for 25-45 minutes.

To participate in the test you need to follow the steps below:

1.  Download the test game client in a separate directory:
2.  Run the game. The test #2 file will download automatically through the launcher. Test #2 file size is 16.3 MB.
Important! Please, install the test game client version in a different folder, other than the current game client version! Also remember to switch off the game client before installing the update. Only players who registered prior to April 17th, 2012 can access the public test server.


Please, have a look at the certain special features of the public test server:

  • Payments are not accepted on the public test server.
  • Credit and experience rates for public test server are multiplied by 10. All players are given 15.000 Gold for testing purposes.
  • Progress will not be saved from the previous test and will not be transferred to the main server.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the test server is subject to EULA and general rules of World of Tanks game server. The restrictions and punishments are the same as on the official game server of World of Tanks. The general details of the v.7.3 public test can be discussed in a special forum thread, and the bug reporting here.


List of changes between test #1 and test #2 of version 7.3:
  • Fixed several bugs with objects location on the South Coast map.
  • Fixed base icon location on the minimap of the South Coast map.
  • RAM usage was significantly reduced on the Dragon's Ridge map. It was a direct cause for the so-called ‘red screen’ during a sniper mode on this map.
  • Fixed some obstructions on the Dragon's Ridge map.
  • Reduced penetration of the М-62-Т2 gun (top gun for IS-4, IS-8, ST-I) from 270mm to 268mm.
  • Fixed several errors in the T-150 damage model.
  • Fixed several errors in the T-54 damage model (there was a gap between damage models of hull and turret).
  • Fixed the BL-10 gun scale for Object 704 TD.
  • The model of damaged T-34 rearranged for 16 armor.
  • Fixed a bug with the IS-4’s D-10T gun: when this gun was researched and mounted the tank could not enter a battle.
  • Fixed a bug with a substitution of the IS-4 tank: the IS-8 tank did not become Elite if the D-10T hadn’t been researched on the IS-4.
  • Fixed a bug with a substitution of the KV-3 tank: the ‘Accelerate crew training’ stayed ticked after the conversion.
  • Fixed a bug with a substitution of the KV-3 tank: if entering a battle without resupplying the ammo, the ammo icons become doubled.
  • Fixed some errors in the IS-4 damaged model: the gun mantlet thickness was increased from 200mm to 250mm, the glacis (upper frontal armor plate) slope was increased from 58 degrees to 61 degrees.
  • Fixed a bug with the traverse speed on the ST-I tank, (stock tracks had better traverse speed than the top ones).
  • Fixed a large scale pattern of camouflage on the IS-8 tank.
  • Added the missing icon of the IS-8 tank on the research tree and on the service record list.
  • Reduced the maximum speed of the KV-4 to 30 km/h.
  • Fixed the cost of different camouflages for the IS-4 tank.
  • Rebalanced the parameters of 85mm S-31 gun on the KV-3 tank.

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