UPDATE: Road to the Golden Joystick!

Voting for the Golden Joystick Awards has NOW CLOSED.
Winners will be announced on Friday, 26th October from 17:00  CEST (15:00 GMT) onwards, during the Golden Joystick Awards ceremony.
Everyone at Wargaming.net would like to thank all of our community that participated by voting!


We are sure that most of you are aware of the on-going voting process for World of Tanks in the Golden Joystick Awards. For those who still don’t know about this news, let us remind you. World of Tanks has been nominated for the Best MMO of the year in the 2012 Golden Joystick Awards. The competition is both very intense and important to us, so we are encouraging all of you to show off what we all already know - that tanks are best! Let the rest of the world know by voting!

To celebrate these last few days of votes, we are pleased to offer an in-game special! From 16th October at 07:30 CEST (05:30 GMT) until 23th October at 07:00 CEST (05:00 GMT) you will be able to enjoy 3x experience for the very first victory of the day!

And don‘t forget that if World of Tanks does win the Golden Joystick Award for best MMO of the Year, you can look forward to lots more exciting bonuses on the battlefields.

Vote Now for World of Tanks


What are you waiting for? Roll out and show your enemies that you have got what it takes to be the winner!

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