Public Test #2 of Update v.7.0 Stop

The public test server of 7.0 update will be stopped at 10:00 UTC, November 30th. The third test is expected to start on December 2nd.

The second public test server of v.7.0 update has started.

To run the test version, please download the specified 7.0_test_2 update and install it over the first test game client version. The second test of v.7.0 update will end on Wednesday, November 30th.

For safety's sake, the game client and updates must be downloaded from the special section on the official website of World of Tanks only. If you download World of Tanks from other sources, your computer may suffer from viruses and scumware. The development team does not bear responsibility for links, game clients and updates located on off-sites.

Attention! Please, install the test update and the test game client version to the folder, other than the current game client version! Also switch off the game client before installing the update. Only players who have registered prior to November 15th can access public test server.

To run the test, please do the following actions:

1. Download the first test game client version:

  • Download the update v.7.0 test game client here (2.49 GB)
  • Download the update v.7.0 test game client torrent file here

2. Download and install over the first test game client version the second test update:

  • Download the test2 update of 7.0 here (33 MB)
  • Download the test2 update of 7.0 torrent file here

3. Afterwards select one of the test servers at the launch of the updated test game client version:

  • W.o.T Common Test I
  • W.o.T Common Test II
To enable the English pack for the test server of v.7.0 update, please do the following steps:
  1. Download the two language package files:,
  2. Go to the directory where you install the 7.0 public test (typically,
    c:\games\World_of_Tanks70publictest\res\text\LC_MESSAGES) and paste the files you've downloaded, selecting override existing files.
  3. Run the game.

We draw your attention to the fact that the test server is subject to EULA and general rules of World of Tanks game server. The restrictions and punishments are the same as on the official game server of World of Tanks. The details of the public test server of v.7.0 update can be found in the special discussion thread. The discussion of failures and bugs of test update 7.0 is carried out in the special sub-forum only.

Please, mind the peculiarities of the public test server:
  • Progress received during the first test of 7.0 update won't be transferred to the second test server.
  • Payments are not accepted on the public test server.
  • Credit and experience rates for public test server are multiplied 10 times. All players are given 15k gold for testing purposes.
  • Progress won't be transferred to the main EU server.
Some details on changes to take place within World of Tanks with the v.7.0 update release:
  • The Personal File of a crew member will not show battle statistics, but a new section “Experience required for the skill growth” will be added, that will denote the amount of experience remaining to the full percent of a promoted skill. Below that, the average experience per battle and an estimated number of battles remaining before you get that percentage.
  • Few procedures with the tank crew (in crew's management) will change: left-click on a tanker’s icon will allow only recruiting of a new crew member. For Personal File view, dismissing or sending to barracks a crew member, right-click on the tanker’s icon and choose the required action (desired option).
  • New modes of “team ears” switching. We remind you that “team ears” is an in-battle menu which depicts the lists of the friendly and enemy teams. With the 7.0 update, there will be four different modes for the “ears” menu view, and it will be easier to switch the “ears” mode (by clicking simply on Tab, instead of the previous combination Ctrl + Tab).
  • Minimap. One of the main upcoming minimap innovations is the option of its transparency change (Menu => Settings => Game => Transparency of the minimap) and sizing. You can set the hotkeys for the sizing in the settings (Menu => Settings => Controls => Minimap).
  • The option of the battle record and replay. The v.7.0 update will give you the opportunity to watch your battles for the detailed analysis or just for fun. To activate the option, go to Menu => Settings => Game and put a mark in the “Record the battle for replay” field. After that, all your battles will be recorded and saved to the folder “replays” the game directory of World of Tanks. The video will be replayed after a double click on it.

List of major changes between the first and the second test versions of 7.0 update:

- Fixed a rare bug with the Tank Company Window disappearance
- Fixed the technical text appearance in invite windows
- Re-worked limitations on vehicle types in Tiered Tank Company battles
- Re-worked models of damaged tanks: VK 3001H, SU-152, АТ-1, VK3001P, VK1602, SU-76, Pz II Luchs, BТ-7, IS-4 (tank is not fully tuned and it has shortcomings)
- Fixed a bug in camouflage of tanks: PzJager I, Object 212, VK 3601 (H), KV.
- Fixed and re-worker models of tanks: A-20, T-32 (suspension crash-model), KV-220, M7, SU-152, T28.
- Fixed the crew personal file display as he is sent to barracks.
- Fixed errors in the Tank Company battle interface associated with Tiered Tank Company battles
- Fixed inability to change the texture quality to "low."
- Fixed the sky translucence through map objects with enabled anti-aliasing regime SSAA + FXAA.
- Fixed garage and store filters.
- Game screenshots can now be saved in a separate folder.
- Fixed RMB context menu in a player battle list.
- Fixed player statistics display for all tanks.
- Fixed dual cursor bug when the connection lost window appears.
- Fixed inability to sell a tank with partially full crew.
- Re-worked characteristics for tanks: the SU-85I, Pz IV Hydraulic, MTLS-1G14.
- Increased minimum battle levels for tanks VK1602 and T-50.
- Removed a conical 7.5 cm gun from both Pz VI Tiger turrets.
- Fixed a bug with inability to reject the invitation from other clusters.
- Fixed loading screen asymmetries in the tank list.
- Fixed a sniper scope appearance while re-playing battle videos.
- Fixed save of screen size settings when using Alt + Enter.
- Fixed appearance of room invitations when “receive invitations from friends only” is on.
- Fixed receiving invitations from players in combat.
- Fixed ability to send invitations to players with "ignore" on.
- Fixed battle chat block while working with a command list.
- Removed ability to ignore the user agreement in a login window.
- Fixed a rare client freeze when trying to connect to a created battle.
- Fixed inability to get into a training room with an invitation.
- Replaced SU-85I engine with StuGIII engine.
- Removed "improved ventilation" module in SPG Gw-Tiger and rebalanced vehicle parameters.
- Fixed tanks falling through an upper part of the bridge on "Marsh" map.
- Fixed "accelerated crew training” check-box disappearance after leaving Tank Company.
- Fixed delay while re-logging from one cluster to another.
- Fixed handling of invitations sent from other clusters.
- Fixed non-stop sound of a base-capture alarm.
- Increased load limit for IS-3 default suspension.
- Fixed a rare error with the game client freeze when entering the garage while updating modules.

See the list of major changes between versions 6.7 and 7.0 here.

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