Special: Prepare Yourself for the new Ranked Battles!


With update 9.19, we have introduced the new Ranked Battles mode. If you need a Tier X vehicle (or more), but are struggling to get to your desired vehicle in time, fear not. Play actively during the next couple of days and earn that XP like never before! Should you be in need of resources for your new top-tier tank as well, there is also a special offer for you in the Premium Shop!

Mission: Preparation for Ranked Battles

  • Rewards
  • Restrictions
  • Conditions
  • x2 XP for the battle
  • Only Random Battles
  • Only available for Tier VIII–X vehicles
  • Repeatable
  • Not available until the bonus for first victory of the day is used up
  • Win a battle
  • This battle counts only if you damage at least one enemy vehicle


Premium Shop offer

  • Tier X and more!
Tier X and more!

  • 6,100 
  • 6,100,000 


Buy now!  

Both the special and the Premium Shop offer are active from 1 June at 07:00 to 5 June at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)


Roll out into the new game mode!