Public test of 7.2 update

UPD. The first public test of 7.2 update will be stopped at 09:00 UTC (1:00AM PST), March 14, 2012. Please, follow the news updates for information on further testing.


The World of Tanks development team gives you the opportunity to participate in the 7.2 mass test. The update will be released in the near future. At this occasion, we would like to ask for your feedback during this process.

In the meantime, the special World of Tanks 7.2 update will only be available on our test servers. The estimated end date of the 7.2 test is March 13th, 2012. Please note that only those players who registered prior to March 2, 2012 before 22:00 CET (9:00pm GMT) would be able to login to the test server.

We are pleased to see so many players taking part in the 7.2 test. At the moment there are over 36.000 gamers registered on the server. In order to make your game experience more efficient we need to limit the number of players on the server. As a result you could be placed on the waiting list each time we reach 26.000.

Please note that the public test server restarts each day at 2:00 CET (1:00am GMT) and lasts for 25-45 minutes.

To participate in the test you need to follow the steps below:

1.  Download the test game client in a separate directory:

2.  Run the game.

Important! Please, install the test game client version in a different folder, other than the current game client version! Also remeber to switch off the game client before installing the update. Only players who registered prior to March 2, 2012 can access the public test server.

Please, have a look at the certain special features of the public test server:

  • Payments are not accepted on the public test server.
  • Credit and experience rates for public test server are multiplied by 10. All players are given 15k gold for testing purposes.
  • Progress will not be transferred to the main server.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the test server is subject to EULA and general rules of World of Tanks game server. The restrictions and punishments are the same as on the official game server of World of Tanks. The details of the v.7.2 public test can be discussed in a special forum thread. The discussion of failures and bugs of  the 7.2 test is carried out in special sub-forums only.

Preliminary list of changes of v7.2 changes as compared with v7.1:


  • Added 22 crew skills and perks (their details can be found in Personal File of a crew member). You can read more about them here.
  • Added a new line of American TD with turning turrets: M8A1, T49, M18, T25-2, T28 prototype. 
  • American tank Т34 becomes a premium tank and is removed from the American tech tree. M103 replaces T34 as a tier 9 American heavy tank.
  • American tank Т30 is moved to tier 9 American TD line of tanks with turning turrets. T110E5 replaces T30 as a tier 10 American heavy tank.
  • Added two new maps Province (Italia style map) and Live Oaks (first American map).
  • Added new camouflage patterns for tanks of all nations.
  • Added two French premium vehicles for testing: tier 2 SPG 10.5сm leFH18 B2 and tier 3 TD  FCM 36 Pak 40. During the test, the vehicles will be available only to supertesters.
  • Added displaying clan logos on tanks. Clan commander can set a logo to be shown on the clan tanks.
  • Added display of top experience earned on a tank (so-called “qualification badges”).
  • Added in-garage tutorials for newcomers (available only for new accounts, i.e. for players who enter the game for the first time).
  • Added name ‘Ilya’ for Soviet crews.

Tank Models

  • Fixed or reworked visual models of IS, IS-7, T34, Panther II, А-20, Т-127, IS-3, ISU-152, AMX 40, B1, M3 Stuart, VK 1602, AMX 13 90, JagdTiger, JagdPanther.
  • Following tanks resized according to historical dimensions: IS-3, IS-4, IS-7, ISU-152, Object 704, S-51.
  • Fixed or reworked destruction models of the following tanks: 
    • Soviet: IS, IS-3, IS-4, IS-7, Object 704, Т-50-2, SU-5, Т-26, SU-100, KV-1S, SU-85, А-32, BT-2.
    • German: VK 3601H, Hetzer, Pz V Panther, Grille, Marder II, PanzerJager I, Tiger P, Pz IV, Pz 38NA, Pz V/IV, StuG III, Pz II Luchs, VK3001H, VK 4502A, Pz VI Tiger, Pz 38H735(f).
    • American: M3 Stuart, M3 Lee, T20, M4A2E4.
    • French: B1.

Game mechanics

  • Reworked algorithm of balancing tanks in teams in random battles. Implemented break of long series (more than 3 battles) of getting into battles with maximal tier for a tank.
  • Profitability, cost in credits, cost of upgrading, cost of repair, cost of modules and cost of modules upgrading are revised for most tanks. 
  • Spaced armor reduced shell damage according to their thickness and position (in 7.1 they just moved the shell explosion point farther and did not reduce damage).
  • Armor absorption (blocking) of shell damage reduced by 20%.
  • All crew skills, trained prior to 7.2, and all experience spent on the training is given to crew members as “free”. You can use free experience to learn both old and new skills.
  • Added opportunity of “skill reset” available for gold (100% experience saved), credits (90% experience saved) and for free (80% experience saved).
  • Parameters of all vehicles are renormed (reduced) to fit 100% crew, without notice of attributes accelerating crew skills (Commander skills, consumables, and etc.). Actual in-game parameters of tanks remain the same.
  • Changed format of replay recording. Replays from version 7.1 update won’t be reproduced in version 7.2.
  • Rebalanced parameters of French vehicles, introduced with 7.1.
  • Front armor of the top turret for the Т-50-2 reduced from 60 to 45 mm.
  • Operating range of FuG37 radio changed to 290 m (was 360 m).
  • Equipment module of KV-220 “Heavy gun ramming device” is changed to “Medium gun ramming device”.
  • Implemented mechanism of configuring the gun elevation angle for the front and back (deployed) turret position.
  • Changed elevation angles for the following guns of French tanks: 
    • AMX 12t: from 4 to 12 angle degrees downwards
    • AMX 13 75: from 6 to 9 angle degrees downwards and from 8 to 6 angle degrees upwards
    • AMX 13 90: from 8 to 9 angle degrees downwards and from 9 to 6 angle degrees upwards
    • Bat Chatillon 25t: from 9 to 6 angle degrees upwards
    • B1: from 18 to 10 angle degrees upwards
    • AMX 50 120: from 7 to 6 angle degrees upwards
    • AMX 50B: from 8 to 6 angle degrees upwards
  • One module repair or a crew member curing is now available in one-click procedure, with no need to select a module or a crew member.
  • Distance to a gun marker is always displayed in a howitzer’s reticle.
  • Changed the flag color on bases. Now the flag color will be always green for allied base and red for the enemy base;
  • Added cooldown for  sending the fast messages with buttons ‘F4’ (‘Follow me!’) and ‘F7’ (Help!), if they were used frequently;
  • Added the display of information about enemy Team Kill for ‘Fog of War’ feature in Clan Wars;
  • “Non-Demountable” equipment is renamed to “Complex”.


  • Reworked some effect of hitting the ground with a shell.
  • Improved effects of fire on the vehicles.
  • Improved ‘wave’ effects while vehicle moves in water.
  • Reworked special effects for shells hitting snow and sand.
  • Added different levels of graphics, based on the distance, for some special effects.
  • Added birds for some old maps.


  • Added platoon markers and clan tags to “wide” team view mode.
  • In-battle team list background is made more transparent.
  • Team list width in “wide” view mode matches the longest nickname on the list (team list width used to remain maximal).
  • Added animation to changing from “wide” to “narrow” team lists appearing at a battle start.
  • Added new display of teams in battle list: [Frags scored] [Vehicle name] [Tank icon].
  • When you press “TAB”, a “wide” team view mode is displayed instead of a team list table.
  • Button “Research”, available for an elite tank, renamed to “Transfer”. In the displayed window you can convert current tank’s earned experience to free experience.
  • Changed premium account purchase window design.
  • Reworked the design of “tank band” in garage. Changed filter buttons of tanks display in the “band”.
  • Added extended pop-up hints for tanks in the “band”.
  • Added an option of moving all the crew in the tank to the barracks in the context menu.
  • Added language icon to the login window.
  • Added extended tank marker adjustment in main and extended modes (at pressing “Alt” key).
  • Added extended adjustment of reticle in sniper mode.
  • Added indicator of shells remaining in rotating drum (cassette/cartridge) to reticle.
  • Produced small changes to the reticle adjustment.
  • Buttons of equipment “mount/demount” are moved to the equipment item slots.
  • Attached text and voice messages for enemy detection, enemy damage at “detection, and enemy destruction at “detection”.
  • Removed the display of unnecessary messages and tank markers in the mode with turned-off  userinterface (key ‘V’ per default) .
  • Added ‘Help’ button in the battle menu, which will show the help page with controls after pressing.
  • Fixed some points of in-battle help page (button ‘F1’ per default).
  • Renamed ‘Statistics’ garage menu tab to ‘Achievements’.
  • Reworked the minimap frame.
  • Increased the place for text messages over Minimap to avoid the display of them with players nicknames in 3 and more lines.
  • Changed the format of message about battle results during Specials (for example, after receiving the x5 XP).


  • Fixed incorrect display of ISU-152 armor parameters in interface.
  • Fixed discrepancy of sound for 75mm SA32 gun of AMX 40.
  • Fixed shooting effects of guns of several tanks.
  • Fixed partial tank non-penetration at gun hit after spaced armor penetration (gun mask or gun armor).
  • Fixed “detection” of a tank in a destroyed tank’s after-battle statistics window.
  • Reworked colours and geometry of several German camouflages for a better conformity to actual historical camouflages.
  • Fixed ‘twitching’ during the battle replay.
  • Fixed mistiming of the reticle , when the replay is on ‘Paused’.
  • Fixed the message, when removing equipment for gold.
  • Fixed the  work of ‘Postmortem mode’ post-effect on Low Quality setting of graphics.
  • Fixed the activation of Camouflage net and Binocular Telescope icons before and after the battle.
  • Fixed collisions of tanks with buildings and some other objects.
  • Fixed the error of the standard ammunition load  during the purchase and with the tick enabled in the checkbox for the vehicles with the auto-loader device.
  • Fixed the display of the message for recruiting new crew members.
  • Fixed the not matching of the sum of battles played on all vehicles and the common result in the ‘Battle’ tabs, if player participated in non-finished battles (for example, battles, which were interrupted by the unscheduled server maintenance).
  • Fixed small interface errors in the camouflages window.
  • Fixed the error of the text display ‘Last battle’ with the year 1970 in the player profile, if he has no battles played.
  • Fixed the description of ‘Sharpshooter’, ‘Master Gunner’, ‘Confederate’, ‘Reaper’, ‘Invader’, ‘Kamikaze’, ‘Survivor’, ‘Invincible’ achievements.
  • Fixed the description of Billotte’s Medal and Burda’s Medal.
  • Fixed errors in text message for some actions with equipment.
  • Tuned the volume for the destruction sound of some objects.
  • Removed the de-tracking sound reproduction while switching on the de-tracked vehicle in ‘Postmortem Mode’.
  • Fixed rare issue with incorrect display (moved horizontally and vertically) of vehicle on long distance.
  • Fixed some errors in dynamic shadows algorithm. 

Stay tuned!

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