New Portal Live!

The World of Tanks team is glad to introduce the new portal which integrates the community website with the Clan Wars and cybersports tournaments.

Besides the Home page depicting the main in-game and game-related events, you will also find the Game, Clan Wars, Tournaments, Media and Community sections on the new portal. Now let's check them out one by one.

In the Game section of the portal you will see the special menu which conveys all necessary information: the game download page, various manuals, account security and other game-related documents can be found here.

The Clan Wars page illustrates the clans struggle on Global map, where the clans fight for the world supremacy. Create a clan and join CW to gain control over the provinces or the whole world!  You can read more about the challenge in the Clan Wars guide.

The Tournaments section carries the information about the diverse cybersports tournaments. World of Tanks holds multiple events and competitions to satisfy any tanker - so check out the previous events and partake in the current ones!

The official World of Tanks videos, images, vehicle renders and other materials can be found on the Media page. Moreover, the Fan Art and Fan Video sections are displayed separately now - don't miss the chance to provide your masterpiece and it might appear there too!

The last but not the least important big button will take you to the Community page covered with multiple useful banners. Here you can find things related to the game and to our players' life: the information about players and clans, forums, our Wiki, the Developers and Overlord's blogs, various sections devoted to the fan art and the fan websites. If you get lost on the website go to the Community page!

At the bottom of each page you will find the most important buttons that will always be helpful.

 We hope that you will enjoy the new website and see you on the battlefields!

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