New camouflage available right now

Spring is here, and with it comes a new camouflage design to please all the tuning fans amongst you !

We know you’ve been aching for some cool new looks for your tanks for a long time. And now Wargaming is proud to present to you our latest addition to your machines’ virtual outfit collection: Pink camouflage!  

Pink is the color of the season, and we’re sure that with the new camouflage you’ll appreciate the fresh bright spots in the usually dark patterns of your favorite tanks. Whether it’s just to blend in with the evening sun of Himmelsdorf, or whether you just want to stand out on the usually white plains of Arctic Region – Pink camouflage has got that special something that you’re looking for!


Try it on! Love it! Never take it off again!

Stay tuned to the news for all the latest on World of Tanks!

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