Missions for the Last Week of January


The month is almost at its end, but don’t think for a second of resting on your laurels! More missions have been issued for this week and the ones assigned to complete them are you all. Last time you were hunting down American vehicles. This week’s targets are the French. Drive fearlessly into battle and turn those pesky autoloaders into scrap metal!

Restock your vehicles and prepare for the following:

 Weekly Mission 1
  • Win 15 battles
  • Be in the top 10 players by basic experience* earned in the battle

*bonuses for the first victory, premium account, etc., will not be counted to determine the top ten players.


  10 Large First Aid Kits  

  • Random Battles only
  • Medium tanks of Tier IV or higher only
  • Once per day

A day is from 06:10 to 06:00 CET (GMT +1)  (i.e. when the daily double experience amount resets).

 Weekly Mission 2
  • Destroy 50 French tanks


  • Random Battles and Team Battles
  • Tier restriction: IV and above
  • Once per account


These missions are available from 28th January 06:10 until 1st February 06:00 CET (GMT+1).


  To battle, Commanders!