Mid-Week Medal Hunt: Steel Wall


The battlefields are witness to epic fights and memorable moments. You may be one of the victors or losers, but after each fight there is always some extraordinary bravery to remember. Sometimes one master commander takes down most of the enemy vehicles alone or a single tough commander is the steel wall that becomes a fortress in front of the enemy lines!

This time, our weekly recurring Mid-Week Medal Hunt is rewarding those Steel Wall heroes.

From Wednesday 22nd May 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until Thursday 23rd May 07:00 CEST whoever is still standing after receiving at least 11 hits and more potential damage than any other player on the entire battlefield will be awarded with the Steel Wall achievement and an additional 500 experience points!

Each time you obtain the Steel Wall achievement, the additional experience reward will be automatically credited to your account. The only step you need to take is planning your strategy for surprising your foes!


Hop into the vehicle you trust the most, and watch your enemies struggle helplessly to destroy you!