Mid-Week Medal Hunt

Wednesday is here and with it comes a new Mid-Week Medal Hunt challenge! This week we’ve chosen to reward winners of the ‘Steel Wall’ achievement with an additional experience boost. From the newest rookie to the hardest pro, everyone knows how easy it is to get shot at in World of Tanks. However, it’s knowing how to get shot at and not take damage that separates the good from the best in this game. Have your opponents shells bounce off of your tank! Show the world the true meaning of ‘ricochet’ and win yourself extra experience when grabbing your ‘Steel Wall’ medal!

This week’s Mid-Week Medal Hunt will be happening from January 23rd at 07:00 CET (06:00 GMT) until January 24th at 06:30 CET (05:30 GMT). Whoever manages to win the Steel Wall achievement will be compensated with an additional 500 experience! 

The additional experience points will be directly credited to your account when you win the medal. There is no need to register or take any special action to participate in the event.

Angle your tanks, use hull-down tactics or upgrade to that turret with the thicker armour! Whatever you do, just make sure that everything they throw at you out there does not stick!


Good luck, Commanders! 

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