Mid-Week Medal Hunt: Invader


Snipers, scouts and those who stood like a steel wall in front of the enemy lines have all filled their pockets with extra experience points during our Mid-Week Medal Hunt series! Now, it is time for the brave invaders to have their turn!

This week, we want all our courageous and agile tankers to go out and capture the enemy base! When you are in the winning team and have captured at least 80 points-worth of the enemy base, you will gain 1250 additional experience in addition to your Invader medal!

This one-day, mid-week event to reward our battle heroes will be running from 30th January 07:00 CET (06:00 GMT) until 31th January 06:30 CET (05:30 GMT).

The only thing you need to do to participate in this event is to plan your strategy to capture the enemy base! When you obtain the Invader medal, your experience bonus will automatically appear in your account.

Reach your dream tank sooner with our Mid-Week Medal Hunt!


Commanders, it is time to gear up your best tank and get invading!