Mid-Week Medal Hunt: Defender


Wednesday is here, and with it comes a new Mid-Week Medal Hunt challenge! This week we’ve chosen to reward winners of the “Defender” achievement. All good World of Tanks players know that it is equally important to defend as well as attack. This week, the ones who turn around and defend their bases from capture by the enemy will get a special treat of additional experience, if they meet the “Defender” achievement criteria.

This week’s Mid-Week Medal Hunt will be happening from February 6th at 06:10 CET (05:10 GMT) until February 7th at 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT). Whoever manages to win the Defender achievement by reducing the amount of enemy capture points on a friendly base by 70 or more, will be rewarded with an additional 1250 experience!

The additional experience points will be directly credited to your account when you win the medal. There is no need to register or take any special action to participate in the event.

People often say that a good offence is the best defense. This week, that may still be the case, but it for sure won’t be as profitable!


Good luck, Commanders! 

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