Mid-week Medal Hunt: Defender


It is time for the weekly Medal Hunt! This time we want to see your defending skills. Do you have a specific defending strategy? Or perhaps you like to hide in the bushes near to your base and wait patiently for your enemies to arrive to your homeland so that you can attack them from good strategic spot? It’s time to show both your allies and enemies that you are genuine patriot! 

Don’t let anyone capture your base. If you manage to reduce the amount of enemy capture points on a friendly base by 70 or more you will receive the Defender medal, and an additional 1,250 extra experience.

This additional experience will be automatically credited to your account when you receive the medal. There is no need to register or take any special action to take part in the event.


This event takes place from Wednesday 03rd July at 07:10 CEST (+2 GMT) until 04th July at 07:00 CEST (+2 GMT). 

Commanders, look after your home base and earn extra experience!