Medium Tank Melee


Medium tanks are the most versatile tank group. These multi-purpose vehicles give you the chance to play many different game styles, from being the swift scout to taking part in the frontline attack.  The good mobility of the medium tanks allows them to stay clear of the guns of heavier enemies whilst exploiting their weak points. Medium tanks are best in battle if there are at least two of them working together and so this special will help everybody to have their own medium tank.

The Medium Tank Melee special starts on Friday, May 25th at 07:30 CEST (05:30 GMT) and ends on Monday, May 28th at 07:00 CEST (05:00 GMT). During this period, everyone will be able to take advantage of the following bonuses:

 50% off the price of the following medium tanks and camouflage patterns for them:
  • Tier V Т-34
  • Tier VI Т-34-85
  • Tier V PzKpfw IV
  • Tier V PzKpfw III/IV
  • Tier VI VK 3601 (H) 
  • Tier VI VK 3001 (H)
  • Tier VI VK 3001 (P)
  • Tier V M4 Sherman
  • Tier V M7
  • Tier VI M4A3E8 Sherman
  • Tier VI M4A3E2
50% discount on crew skill resets.
In addition, the experience rate for crew members has been doubled for the duration of the special!

So don’t wait! Enjoy your new tanks, give them a brand new look and train your crew for success!

See you on the battlefield with your new huge arsenal!

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