Mid-Week Medal Hunt: Invader


The Mid-Week Medal Hunt has come once again! It’s now time to play aggressively and push for the enemy base to capture their flag. As well as winning a shiny medal, the conquering players will also be rewarded with additional experience! So start your engines and go for the enemy flag!

Earn at least 80 capture points to gain 1,250 additional experience points in addition to your Invader medal!

This Wednesday, the mid-week event to reward our battle heroes will be running from 12th June 07:10 CET (GMT +2) until 13th June 07:00 CET (GMT +2).

The additional experience points will be directly credited to your account when you win the medal. There is no need to register or take any special action to participate in the event.

Plan your strategy, get to the enemy base and lead your team to victory!


Roll out and good luck!