March Calendar


Various specials to benefit from, medals to hunt and contests to enter… In March our crew will be as busy as always bringing you a month of pure action! There is still a bit more time ahead of us until the beautiful days of spring arrive and raise the adrenalin to the extreme levels. However, excitement is the main element on our battlefields and you will feel it intensely during the events of this month. Take a look at the calendar below and mark your favourite events to look forward to!


March 2013 calendar

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Six Nations
Tank of the Month
Tank of the Month Discount
Tank of the Month
Hunt Us Down    
Tank of the Month Discount   Mid-Week Medal Hunt     Heavy Steel Weekend
Six Nations       CeBIT  
Tank of the Month
Heavy Steel Weekend   Mid-Week Medal Hunt     Saint Patrick's Day
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Tank of the Month
     Hunt Us Down    
Saint Patrick's Day   Mid-Week Medal Hunt     Hidden and Dangerous
25262728 29
30 31
Tank of the Month
 Hidden and Dangerous   Mid-Week Medal Hunt        


Tank of the Month – T71

This month is dedicated to an agile light tank! The American Tier VII T71 will be featuring as our tank of the month and will provide you with extra credits during the month. Don’t forget to read our full report to get all the useful tips you need!



Six Nations – World of Tanks is improving continually, and now there are vehicles from six nations showing up on the battlefields! We will definitely be celebrating it, with attractive in-game bonuses. Come and join us!

Heavy Steel Weekend – We all have a special place in our heart for the colossal heavies – it is simply just fun to play with them! This special will offer you some great bonuses for the most popular heavy tanks. Don’t miss it or you could regret it for a while!

Saint Patrick’s Day – The wide open green battlefields of World of Tanks are ready for the festival! Even if you cannot find a longed-for lucky shamrock, our generous bonuses and offers will make your festival of “green” even more fun during the three days!

Hidden and Dangerous – If you like to deal significant damage to your enemy whilst at the same time remaining hidden, then you will greatly appreciate the amazing offers appearing in this special. Amazing vehicles, experience bonuses, consumables and many more will indeed make you quite dangerous for your enemies!



Hunt Us Down – Chase us on battlefields and Hunt Us Down!

Mid-Week Medal Hunt – Earn some extra experience by obtaining the nominated medal each week.



CeBIT – Watch the Intel Extreme Masters finals taking place in Hanover, Germany, and be the first to know who wins the big prize!

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