Yo-Ho-Ho and a Tin Can of Ravioli


Get aboard the latest offers in the Premium Shop and set sail to victory. Neither the French modification of the classic M4 Sherman nor the proposal by the American H.L. Yoh Company ever made it to production. Still, both concepts certainly have what it takes to conquer the battlefields of World of Tanks.

  • The VIII M-IV-Y is an unusual and almost unstoppable heavy tank with tough armor and reserve tracks.
  • The VIII M4A1 Revalorisé boasts a mighty 105 mm boomstick and the delicious “Chasseur de Croissant” 2D style.

Your new favorite vessels are currently available in exclusive bundles with discounts up to 30%!

M-IV-Y, Tier VIII American Heavy Tank

  • Reserve Track Mechanic
  • Hit Points: 1,500 HP
  • Turret Armor: 279/241/38 mm

M4A1 Revalorisé, Tier VIII French Medium Tank

  • Damage: 390/390/480 HP
  • Dispersion at 100 m: 0.35 m
  • Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: –10° / +15°

M-IV-Y Offers

Available from July 12 at 07:00 CEST through July 19 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

The VIII M-IV-Y is a classic frontline brawler with a thick turret and a high-penetrating 105 mm gun. Use its decent aiming time and –10 degrees of gun depression to ambush opponents and land powerful hits with 360 HP of alpha damage. Take aim, shoot, and quickly retreat into cover. They won’t be able to stop you, thanks to the unique reserve track mechanic that keeps you rolling, even when your main tracks are damaged.

Package Contents M-IV-Y 100% trained crew Garage slot Gold Credits WoT Premium Account ×5 XP mission Personal Reserves Discount
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M4A1 Revalorisé Offers

Available from July 12 at 07:00 CEST through July 19 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

The VIII M4A1 Revalorisé has lovingly been nicknamed the Ravioli. This is quite fitting, considering that the French medium tank also boasts a soft outer shell that contains a powerful punch of flavor. The 105 mm boomstick mounted to an American Sherman chassis can cause 390 HP of damage in one bite. Add outstanding gun handling, fast APCR shells as standard ammunition, and 1,400 hit points to the mix for a delicious dish that earns Michelin stars on top of XP stars. Show off your culinary skills with the unique “Chasseur de Croissant” 2D style, exclusively available for the Revalorisé.

Package Contents M4A1 Revalorisé 100% trained crew Garage slot "Chasseur de Croissant" 2D style Gold ×5 XP mission Personal Reserves Consumables Discount
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Chasseur de Croissant 2D Style Offer

Is the tasty VIII M4A1 Revalorisé already in your collection, but missing a certain je ne sais quoi? Pick up the very unique and very French “Chasseur de Croissant” 2D style, and drape your mighty medium tank in a veil of flaky, buttery goodness.

Chasseur de Croissant - Best Buy
  • 2D style: Chasseur de Croissant
  • WoT Premium Account: 30 days
ends in:
Chasseur de Croissant
  • 2D style: Chasseur de Croissant
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Both Premium Shop highlights deserve a spot in your Garage, so make sure to check out the offers on the M-IV-Y and M4A1 Revalorisé today.

Roll Out!