Lorraine 40 t and IS-3A: Let the Shells Fly!


Rolling into the Premium Shop with massive burst potential, we have the autoloading VIII Lorraine 40 t and autoreloading VIII IS-3A , ready to unleash a flurry of fire.

These two types of loaders may seem quite similar. After all, they do both relieve the crew of having to load new rounds by hand. However, they operate quite differently.

  • Autoloaders feature primarily in French vehicles and reload the entire magazine at once when prompted, or when the previous magazine runs out.
  • Autoreloaders are usually found in Italian mediums and automatically reload each round individually. The more loaded shells in the clip, the shorter the reload time for the next round. This means that the last shell loads the fastest.
    • Inverse autoreloaders, like the one in the IS-3A, are the opposite. The more loaded shells in the clip, the longer the reload time for the next round. That means that the first shell loads the fastest.

Despite their differences, these tanks share the deadly ability to quickly rip opponents to shreds. Check out the two tanks below, and take advantage of the Premium Shop offers to add them to your Garage!

Lorraine 40 t, Tier VIII French Medium Tank

  • 4-Round Autoloading 100 mm Gun
  • DPM: 1,655 HP/min
  • Rate of Fire: 5 rounds/min

IS-3A, Tier VIII Soviet Heavy Tank

  • 3-Round Autoreloading 122 mm Gun
  • DPM: 1,950 HP/min
  • Rate of Fire: 5 rounds/min

Lorraine 40 t Offers

Available from August 1 at 07:00 CEST through August 8 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

A fearsome support with a destructive gun, the VIII Lorraine 40 t lives life in the fast lane. Its powerful gun deals 300/300/400 HP of damage per shot with 232/263/50 mm of penetration. And thanks to its 4-round autoloader, this beast can inflict 1,200 HP of damage in just 8 seconds. While its armor may be lacking, the tank's strong 60 km/h top speed and excellent mobility allow it to easily escape trouble. Its good camouflage values also help the Lorraine 40 t keep out of danger when aiding allies. Better yet, the tank's Splinter camouflage, which changes depending on the map season, boosts this even further.

PACKAGE CONTENTS Lorraine 40 t 100% trained crew Garage slot Gold x5 XP mission Personal Reserves As a gift 3 Splinter desert camouflage 3 Splinter winter camouflage 3 Splinter European camouflage DISCOUNT

IS-3A Offers

Available from August 1 at 07:00 CEST through August 8 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

An experimental iteration of the classic IS-3, the VIII IS-3A shares many similarities with the standard version but packs an extra punch. While familiar to some Italian and Czechoslovakian tanks, its 3-round autoreloader is unique among Soviet vehicles and offers a great burst potential of 1,170 HP of damage. This feature provides the IS-3A with an incredible 1,950 DPM and makes it one of the best heavies for combat—if not the best.

The gun deals 390/390/530 HP of alpha damage, with a 3 s aiming time and high-velocity APCR standard ammunition to bolster its offensive capabilities. While its 40 km/h top speed is nothing to shout about, the tank's very strong turret armor, low profile, pike nose, and spaced armor are ideal for brawling and provide good survivability.

Package Contents IS-3A 100% trained crew Garage slot Gold x5 XP mission Personal Reserves Discount
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Want to learn more about autoloaders and the IS-3A? Check out the videos below from our World of Tanks Europe YouTube channel!

Bastille Day Customizations

Give your new Lorraine 40 t some extra patriotic flair by adorning it with plenty of French flags and inscriptions to celebrate Bastille Day. Get yours for free, and discover the spirit of French resiliency.


Unleash the power of the autoloading Lorraine 40 t and the autoreloading IS-3A to shred through your enemies with a hellish storm of bullets.

Roll Out!