Special: I Like Mine Medium!


Medium tanks are some of the most demanding vehicles to operate. To use them effectively requires a lot of skill, versatility, tactical sense and the ability to think on your feet. When in a medium tank, you need to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Constantly on the move, you scout for the team, intercept enemy light tanks, support heavy tanks, flank engaged vehicles and hunt for enemy artillery when the opportunity arises – all that in the course of a single battle! Mastering this tank class is a long and difficult process, but once you get there you will become the scourge of the battlefield!

This weekend we want to give you extra motivation to explore the countless possibilities offered by medium tanks, so we have prepared a lot of in-game bonuses. During this special there will be three special packages available, which will raise the blood pressure of every medium tank aficionado! Don’t forget to check the deals in the Premium Shop during the weekend!

Here’s what you can expect in-game:

Triple Experience for the First Victory of the Day

There is no better way to start the day than with an XP bonus! 


50% Discount on all standard medium tanks, Tier II - V 

No medium tanks in your garage yet? Get some at 50% off!


30% Discount on all standard medium tanks, Tier VI – VII

Now’s the perfect time to get your mid-game mediums!


50% Discount on the following Premium vehicles:

V Ram II 
V Matilda Black Prince 
V Matilda IV 
V Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai 


30% Discount on the following Premium Vehicles*:

VI Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm 
VII  Panther/M10 


15% Discount on the following Premium Vehicle*:

VIII  T-34-3 
VIII  T26E4 SuperPershing 


*Please note that the premium vehicles’ discounts will also apply to the Premium Shop offers for the duration of the special. However, please bear in mind that the discount in the Premium Shop only applies to the vehicle and the prices of any additional package contents remain the same, except as otherwise discounted.  


50% Discount on Consumables

Restock all the essentials at half the price!


50% Discount on Crew (Re-)Training

Get new crews or assign them to new vehicles!


50% Discount on Garage Slots

Don’t forget that all those new medium tanks need to be stored somewhere!



Mission: Backbone
Goal Driving medium tanks, destroy a total of 25 enemy vehicles
Reward 100,000
  • Random Battles only
  • Restriction: Medium tanks of Tier IV and above only
  • Once per day
Mission: Confederate
Goal Earn the Confederate medal.
Reward Double Crew Experience
  • Random Battles only
  • Tier restriction: IV and above.
You can receive the reward each time you complete the goal. 

This Special will be available from 7th February 06:10 until 10th February 06:00 CET (GMT+1). 


Get your mediums today, Commanders!