Special: Light Tank Frenzy


It is time to start the light tank frenzy! During this weekend, from 07:00 CET (06:00 GMT) on the 12th  January, until 06:30 CET (05:30 GMT) on the 15th January, everyone will have the following bonuses:

Medal Hunt: Scout

Any and all players who will be awarded the Scout achievement will automatically be rewarded with 5000 bonus credits! To get the scout achievement, you need to detect more enemy tanks and self-propelled guns than anyone else on your team (at least 9).

50% discount on the following light tanks:

A-20(Soviet Tier IV)

PzKpfw 38 nA (German Tier IV) 

M5 Stuart (American Tier IV) 

A13 Covenanter (British Tier IV)

ELC AMX (French Tier V)

Make room in your garage for these swift beasts! Who doesn’t enjoy zooming around on the battlefield and avoiding enemy shells like the heroes in action movies?

70% increased profits on the following Tier V SPGs:

  Hummel (German) 
  SU-8 (Soviet) 
  M41 (American) 
  AMX-13 F3 AM (French) 

The light tanks will be an even bigger pain for SPG commanders during this special. That is why we have decided to give the natural prey of light tanks a small incentive to also roll out and play! Crush the enemy and cash in the prize!

50% discount on the 105 leFH18B2, Tier IV French premium SPG.

You may also like to pick up our offer on this great premium SPG! Don’t let the light tanks discourage you, this is the right moment to buy this vehicle!

50% discount on skill reset for crew members for gold, as well as credits.

Maybe it’s time to move the good old low-tier crew onto a bigger mount and change the skillset? The bigger steel beasts also need experienced riders and the best skill combination is not the same for all tanks out there!


This weekend will be truly amazing for light tank fans, as well as SPG players. Don’t forget to reset the skills of your crews to make them even more efficient in battle. Good luck hunting for the medal, and have a great weekend, commanders!