Last Days of World War II


This weekend, we are celebrating the anniversary of the end of World War II.  From Saturday 1st September 2012 at 07:30 CEST (05:30 GMT) until Tuesday 4th September at 07:00 CEST (05:00 GMT), there will be some great bonuses in game.

This weekend, you can enjoy the following bonuses:

x5 experience for the first victory of each day.

That’s right!  You can earn 5 times the normal amount of experience for the first victory of the day with each vehicle!

50% discount on the following vehicles:
  • T-34 – tier V Soviet medium tank
  • T-34-85 – tier VI Soviet medium tank
  • IS – tier VII Soviet heavy tank
  • SU-76 – tier III Soviet tank destroyer
  • M3 Stuart – tier III American light tank 
  • M18 Hellcat – tier VI American tank destroyer
  • M10 Wolverine – tier V American tank destroyer
  • M4 Sherman – tier V American medium tank

Fill your garage for less!


Double credits on the following vehicles:
  • M4 Sherman – tier V American medium tank
  • M4A3E2 – tier VI American medium tank
  • T-34 – tier V Soviet medium tank
  • T-34-85 – tier VI Soviet medium tank

Earn credits to spend on those new vehicles by driving these ones!


50% discount on the following premium tanks:
  • Valentine – tier IV Soviet light tank
  • Churchill – tier V Soviet heavy tank

Premium tanks are a great way to earn extra credits.  Get one cheaply today!


Discounts on premium account:
  • 3 days for 250 gold (usually 650 gold)
  • 7 days for 650 gold (usually 1250 gold)

Celebrate the weekend in style by going premium!  Earn 50% extra credits and experience on every single battle!



Exactly when the war ended is unclear.  The processes that led to the end of the war perhaps began with the Battle of Berlin in April 1945.  This was the final major offensive of the European part of the war and lasted until the 2nd May.  During this time the rulers of the German regime, sensing that the end had come, took their own lives.

After that, the German forces across Europe began to surrender and Victory in Europe was declared on the 8th May 1945.

However, across the Pacific, battle still raged.  Despite being pushed back from all fronts, the culture of the Japanese meant that they were determined to go down fighting.  Complete destruction of Japan was threatened if they did not comply and then these threats were followed up on with the US dropping an atomic bomb on Japan on August 6th.  The Soviet Union then declared war on Japan on August 8th and invaded straight afterwards, whilst the US used another atomic bomb on August 9th.

Shocked by these events, the Emperor of Japan ordered the Supreme Council for the Direction of War to step down.  Victory over Japan was declared on August 15th local time. 

The Japanese formally signed the instrument of surrender on September 2nd 1945.  This event formally brought the fighting to an end, although political negotiations were to continue for many years to come.

However, as 1945 drew to a close and the machinery of war was packed up across the world, it was easy to tell that a new age of history had begun.

In World of Tanks, we want to honour these momentous events with some extra-special bonuses this weekend.  Reflect on the past and the lessons of history, whilst hitting the battlefields in style.


The end of the war was also the beginning of the modern age.  Enjoy your bonuses, commanders!

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