Celebrate the Lantern Festival With Sparkling Customizations


The Lunar New Year event is over, and we hope you enjoyed all of the festive activities, special offers, and daily missions. A traditional way to mark the end of the celebrations and welcome the new Lunar Year is with a Lantern Festival. Homes are lit with colorful lanterns, sweet and glutinous rice balls (tangyuan) are eaten, and fireworks are set alight!

And to commemorate the occasion, we have created the Lantern Festival 2D Style, which is all about remembering the good times and welcoming good fortune. If you were able to complete eight Lunar Celebration missions on their release day to finish the “Enjoy the Festive Lights” mission, you should have this style in your collection already.

However, we've also put together two bundles for anyone who would like to decorate one or more of their vehicles (maybe their brand-new Chinese heavy tanks?) in this festive style.

Lantern Festival Style

Available from February 1 at 06:00 CET through February 6 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)

Commanders who did not finish the “Enjoy the Festive Lights” mission but collected 5 or more bonus rewards for completing same-day missions will receive a one-time 30% discount on the “2D Style – Lantern Festival” offer in the Premium Shop.

Lantern Festival 2D Style
  • 2D style: Lantern Festival
ends in:
Lantern Festival Combo
  • 2D style: Lantern Festival
  • 9 decals
  • 9 inscriptions
  • 10 missions: ×5 XP for each victory
ends in:

*This discount can vary slightly based on the currency used for purchase.

Lantern Festival Combo Items

Tangyuan Decal Chinese Lanterns Decal Nian Decal
Lantern Festival Inscription Happy Lantern Festival Inscription Family Reunion Inscription

Lunar Homefront Shop

Make sure to spend your Lunar Stamps before the in-game shop closes on February 10 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1). Plenty of customizations, Personal Reserves, camouflages, the VII Type 62 , and more await. See the list of available rewards in the main announcement.

Welcome the Year of the Rabbit in style!

Roll Out!

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