Special: Keep Calm and Tank On


This weekend, the battlefields will be dominated by the British. Suit up, put your bowler on and don’t forget that a true gentleman never forgets good manners during engagement.  This is what you will be treated with:


Double Crew Experience

British or not, all of your tankies will receive a solid boost to their training speed!


50% discount on all standard British Tier III – V vehicles

Didn’t have the chance to play the Brits yet? Now’s the perfect chance to catch up!


30% credit income bonus on all standard British Tier V – VII vehicles

Playing mid-game British vehicles is not only fun, but now it is also much more profitable!


50% discount on the following British Premium Vehicles*

III Sexton I  
V  Matilda Black Prince
V  Excelsior  


50% discount on TOG II and 30% discount on AT 15A*

VII AT 15A  

Get the top British Premiums for only 70% of their normal value!

*Please note that the Premium Vehicles’ discounts will also apply to the Premium Shop offers for the duration of the special. However, please bear in mind that the Premium Shop discount only applies to the vehicle in this case, while the prices of any additional package contents (Garage Slot) remain the same.


50% discount on emblems and inscriptions

Make your vehicles posh for half the price!

Jolly Good Time
Goal Be the top damage dealer on your team
  • +20% XP bonus for the battle
  • +30% credit income for the battle
Conditions Random Battles Only

*Please note that this mission does not have a limitation on how many times you can complete it – as long as it is active and the goals are fulfilled, you can enjoy the reward!

You can enjoy these bonuses from Saturday 16th November 2013 06:10 CET (GMT +1) until Tuesday 19th November 2013 06:00 CET.


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Tally-ho, but please don’t stop in the fifth minute of battle just to have some tea...