Information regarding the deployment of Update 7.0 in Europe

Update 7.0

Dear Tank Commanders,

As you may be aware we deployed patch 7.0 on the Russian and US servers already last week. Each of those regions had to undergo some major maintenance and long downtimes during the patching for 7.0.

We are very eager to release 7.0 here in Europe, at the same time we want to make sure this being a great gaming experience for everybody and World of Tanks 7.0 running smooth for all of Europe.

Our Technical and Server-Admin department is working day and night on this task to bring 7.0 to Europe as soon as possible.

We are aiming to being able to share more information regarding the patch 7.0 release for Europe early next week and we will keep you posted at once as we get more news to share.

Please feel free to give us your feedback and join us on our 7.0 discussion in the forum.

Your Wargaming-Community Team

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