The Holiday Trophy Hunt Begins

As part of the ongoing festive celebrations, we are running a special event – Trophy Hunt!  This started on Christmas Day, so you may have already noticed a surprise reward waiting for you in your after-battle statistics – extra XP for earning a Battle Hero badge!

This special event will continue until Friday, December 28th at 07:30 CET (06:30 GMT)  The Trophy Hunt bonus will be given out with any Battle Hero achievement you win. For this special holiday edition of ‘Trophy Hunt’, the bonus will consist of additional experience that will be added to the kudos already given for winning one of these medals. Please note that if you earn more than one Battle Hero medal during the battle, you will only be rewarded for the ‘higher’ one.

The table shows you what XP boost you can expect when you win one of the following achievements:

Patrol Duty

+ 2000 XP



+ 750 XP


 Top Gun

+ 1500 XP


Steel Wall

+ 650 XP



+ 1250 XP



+ 550 XP



+ 1000 XP



+ 300 XP


As you can see, you now have more reason than ever to excel on the battlefields! Not only will you be rewarded with the commemorative medal, but you’ll also benefit from additional in-game experience points that you can use to research new tanks.


Remember that fortune favours the bold, Commanders! Roll out!