Gift shop now available

UPD. Due to concerns raised by the community the purchase of packages that include the A-32, PzKpfw V-IV and M6A2E1 tanks have been removed from the Gift Shop for the moment. A final decision will be made in the near future as to whether they will be sold in the Gift Shop. Gift Packages that do not involve the Pre-Order Tanks are still available for purchase.


We are glad to announce that World of Tanks Gift Shop is open for service. Now you have a great opportunity to make yourself and your friends happy with welcome presents! We offer various special gift packages, which include premium tanks as well as handsome amounts of gold.

We would like to remind you that a purchased in Gift Shop tank comes with an extra, free of charge, garage slot.

The most important feature of our Gift Shop is that you can give presents to your friends, fellow clansmen, or battle mates. The gift purchase-delivery procedure is very simple and does not require any complex steps on your part. You just need to choose a gift package, indicate a gift recipient’s in-game nick name, write a congratulatory message and pay for a gift. A gift recipient will get an e-mail notification (e-mail attached to the World of Tanks account) that she or he has got an in-game surprise. A recipient will just have to log in onto our portal, and check her or his Account Management Page to claim a gift tank. She or he will only be required either to “Accept” or “Decline” a gift by pressing corresponding buttons.


  • In order to receive a gift, a recipient has to log in onto the World of Tanks web-portal and load My Gifts page in Account Management
  • If a recipient opts for “Decline,” a gift will be transferred onto a giver’s account
  • If a recipient does not respond within 30 days, a gift will be declined automatically
  • If a recipient already has a gift package tank, she or he will be compensated with a full tank cost in gold

We advise you to familiarize yourselves with World of Tanks Gift Shop terms and regulations.

Do make yourselves and your friends happy with New Year presents and visit our Gift Shop right now.

Follow Gift Shop updates throughout 2012 and give presents all year around!

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