gamescom Special Offer


gamescom, gamescom, gamescom!  This weekend is all about the biggest European video gaming event. Whether you are there in person enjoying the Wargaming events on site or if you are finding out what’s happening there via the Live Stream channel, you can also come and enjoy the party on the battlefield!   For this purpose, we are offering a very special offer during the days of gamescom.

From 17th August at 07:30 CEST (05:30 GMT) until 21st August at 7:00 CEST (05:00 GMT), you will be able to enjoy the following bonuses in the game:

50% discount on purchase of the following German SPGs:
  • Tier II Sturmpanzer I Bison
  • Tier III Sturmpanzer II
  • Tier III Wespe
  • Tier IV Grille
  • Tier V Hummel
  • Tier VI GW Panther

 gamescom is in Germany, so celebrate everything German by raining death from afar!

150% credit income with the following tanks:
  • French tier V heavy tank BDR G1B
  • German tier VII heavy tank PzKpfw VI Tiger
  • French tier VII heavy tank AMX M4 (1945)
  • American tier VII medium tank T20
  • Soviet tier VII heavy tank IS

Trying to save up enough credits to advance to tier VIII?  Here’s your chance!

50% discount on premium consumables

Treat your crew to chocolate and coffee for less!

50% discount on purchase of the following premium vehicles:
  • German tier V medium tank T-25
  • Soviet tier V medium tank Matilda

Start earning credits at a faster rate with these premium vehicles.

x3 experience in the first victory of the day

We know you always love this bonus!  Can you beat your personal high score?

50% on all equipment!

Been staring longingly at that tank shell rammer, or binocular telescope?  It’s your lucky day because they are all half price!


We hope you enjoy these bonuses!

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