Easter Special


This weekend you will be spoiled as we just prepared a great Easter Special for those who really enjoy playing World of Tanks. Take a closer look at our specials and don't miss them.

The Easter Special begins on Friday, April 6th at 7:30 CEST (5:30 GMT) and ends on Tuesday April 10th at 7:00 CEST (5:00GMT).

3x experience for the first victory of the day

Every first victory will take on more meaning!

50% off on the following vehicles: 
  • T-28
  • KV-13
  • Hetzer
  • VK3002 (DB)
  • M2 Medium
  • T20
  • AMX 40
  • BDR G1B

Increase your arsenal with all types of vehicles and tiers!

Up to 58% discount on the premium ammunition

Shoot more often with gold ammunition!


Don’t miss this special!

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