Your Customer Service now closer to you

Dear Wargaming community,

Early in 2011 Wargaming decided to extend the level of support to our now truly global player base by opening offices in Europe and delivering the high quality support you all deserve.

In November 2011 our offices in Paris took over the European duties. We worked very hard to recruit the relevant and dedicated community staff who share our passion for games.

My name is Rinaldo Andreolli and I am in charge of the European team with whom you will be interacting the most. We will bring you the latest news and developments through our website and forums. This will give you the opportunity to chat with us during our conventions and game shows. Our team will be available for you at any time through our customer service team.

Customer Relations is all about you – we are aiming high in terms of delivering you desirable content and professional service by surpassing industry standards.  

I firmly believe that our newly-formed passionate and dedicated teams will achieve our ambitious goals in the near future. But we won’t stop there – we will continuously challenge the status quo and seek new ideas. Only with your help we can improve our product and look for new solutions.

You have probably already noticed that we are more active than before thanks to our newly built teams and soon we will be even more visible through our expanded Customer Service and Community departments.

I have been in the customer service industry for almost 26 years now and I’m an avid console and computer gamer since my early teens. Back in those days, an Atari 2600 was the “must have” high tech gaming machine. For the last eight years now I have been able to combine my two greatest passions - computer games and customer service. Here at Wargaming Europe, I am committed to form a service team of professionals and passionate gamers who will put their experience and knowledge on the first place.

Computer games are after all the entertainment of choice for the people of the 21st century and we are proudly contributing to this industry’s incredible history while we write the future - together.

See you on the battle field :)


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