Clan Renaming Now Available!

Tank Commanders,

Have you ever wished that the name of your clan was cooler than it is now? Did you ever think of making another clan with a better name that suits your clan’s personality better?

If you’ve ever fantasised about starting another clan just so you could have a better name for it, but can’t bear to leave your clan members, then rest easy. We are pleased to announce a new clan renaming service, which will allow you to change the name of your clan in just a few clicks.

Before you get started

Changing your clan name may be the feature you’ve always wanted to have. But wait! Before you can rename your clan, you must first make sure that:

  • The clan leader is the only one renaming the clan
  • At least 14 days have passed since your last renaming attempt
  • The clan leader is able to pay the amount of gold needed for this function (2,000 gold)

How to rename your clan

Using the renaming feature is easy. Just log in to your profile at the World of Tanks portal, and visit the ‘My Clan’ link. If your clan is eligible for a name change, a button will be displayed just beside the clan name on the top of the page that will send you to the Clan Renaming form.

Once you’re there, you will be able to choose your new clan name and tag, as well as look at the cost of the name change.

Please note that once the change is initiated, you will need to wait several days (up to two weeks) to see the change in the game.

The Clan Renaming feature is now available!