Chain Special: Earning Your Stripes


This September, every weekend special will allow you to increase your rank and be handsomely compensated for the promotion! Start with Private and make your way to Major by completing a dedicated mission that will be added to every weekend special.

Earning Your Stripes

Earning your stripes will require that you complete the aforementioned Mission during specials on every weekend in September:

  • 05-08 September – Private
  • 12-15 September – Corporal
  • 19-22 September – Lieutenant
  • 26-29 September - Major



Besides enjoying the appropriate weekend special discounts and bonuses, completing the dedicated mission alone will yield 150. This means that throughout the entire month you will be able to earn a total of 600. On top of that, you will also get a special mission token – collect all four of those, and you will additionally get access to exclusive missions that will run for the entire of October.

Hint: The October missions will focus on German vehicles and provide a double XP bonus for a certain number of battles won while driving vehicles of Tier VI, VII, VIII, IX and X. You will receive x2 XP for your first six victories playing Tier VI, your first seven victories playing Tier VII, and so on, right up to ten victories on Tier X! Therefore, if you like your Tigers, Panthers and VK’s, or are planning to get to know the German armour line, rest assured that you will be pleased.

Important: Please note that nation-focused content is a new project that will make its way progressively to the game. Make sure to check out the website regularly and not miss the info when your favourite nation will be put in the spotlight! Also, make sure to post your feedback on the forums.

About Mission Tokens

The token system is similar to that you may know from the WZ-111 marathon. The difference is that the missions are divided between weekends and not nations. This means that you will get a token for completing the dedicated mission during weekend specials in September, with one token being awarded per weekend. In order to collect all four, you need to log in to the game every weekend and complete the mission.

There will also be a fail-safe option available: if you miss any of the weekends, you can buy the missing token in the Premium Shop.


Important: Please note that you can use the fail-safe option only once. This means that if you buy more than one token, only one missed weekend will be covered – all excessive tokens will be compensated with gold (2,500each) after the chain special has ended (29 September or later).


Please also bear in mind that buying a token does not complete the mission in the client, which means that no gold will be credited to your account. However, if you still manage to complete the weekend mission regardless, your token will remain intact until a weekend mission is missed. In case you finish all 4 weekend missions, the token will be compensated with gold after the chain special has ended.

Stay tuned for more info coming with the weekend specials!


Time to climb the career ladder, Commanders!