Big and Heavy Part 3


Climbing the tech tree is not an easy task and as you go higher and higher through the branches, it becomes even more difficult. As part of the celebrations for Wargaming upcoming 15th Anniversary, we want to help you get to the top by giving a helping hand so you can reach for the biggest and most valuable fruits – this time from the German tree.

For this third edition of the Big and Heavy offer, you can enjoy:

30% discount and 30% increased credits on the following German heavy tanks:

Tier VIII Pz.Kpfw. Tiger II
  Tier IX E-75
  Tier X E-100

As you can see, it should be easier now for you to climb up to the top of the German tech tree. Meanwhile, those of you who have already been there now have the great opportunity to get these magnificent beasts back for less, while players who already have them in their garages will enjoy more credits from play.

If you are still starting your adventure with high-tier German heavies, don’t forget the video on the King Tiger, covering all the important aspects of this tank’s in-game performance and tactics.

Remember that this credit boost and discounts are available for two weeks, from June 1st 07:10 (GMT +2) to June 15th 07:00 (GMT +2)!


Commanders, these tanks are big and heavy. Get them, drive them, enjoy them!