Last Chance for Battle Pass Special: Judgment Day



Battle Pass Special: Judgment Day closes on January 26 , with bundles leaving the in-game Store on January 31. Time is running out, so here's a reminder with all the important dates, activities to complete, and special offers to help you make the most of this one-time in-game event before it terminates.


Important Dates & Info

Main Event Period: The event ends on January 26 at 05:00 CET (UTC+1).

  • Battle Modes: Earn Points in Random Battles (except Grand Battles), and by completing Daily Missions.
  • Vehicle Tiers: Earn Battle Pass Points in Random Battles by fighting in Tier VI–X vehicles, including rental vehicles. Daily Missions can be completed in any vehicle tier.
  • Progression: Battle Pass: Judgment Day has 50 Stages. You'll need to earn 50 Points in order to move from one Stage to the next. Earned Points cannot be lost. Participation in this event is automatic, meaning you do not need to activate the progression as you would with Chapters in regular Battle Pass.
  • Improved Pass: You can purchase an Improved Pass for 3,500 and gain access to additional rewards, including the VIII T-832 . Stages can only be purchased with an Improved Pass, and each individual Stage costs 250.

In-Game Bundle Offers: The "Skynet Fighter" and "Perfect Weapon" bundles for gold will leave the Store on January 31.


Key rewards include themed in-game content created in collaboration with Terminator 2, including the VIII T-832 with a unique appearance and details that reference the movie, voiced vehicle commanders from the Terminator 2 universe, 2D styles, decals, and inscriptions.

The T-832

Some rewards deserve extra attention. The T-832 is a formidable war machine that stands out on the battlefield for its combat efficiency and unique visual effects, inspired by the Terminator 2 movie. For a complete breakdown of this machine, please see our dedicated guide:


The 2D Styles

The Mimetic Polyalloy 2D style Base Reward was inspired by the T-1000's liquid metal, which keeps the memory of every hit it has ever taken. The Skynet Bastion Improved Reward was created by advanced AI and is purely functional (including the custom marks of excellence). You can take a closer look at these unique styles in the following tabs:


Battle Pass: Judgment Day Bundles

Even if you miss the main event, you can still grab two special Terminator 2-themed bundles for gold via the in-game Store until January 31. Each package has a 60% discount and can be purchased three times per account. Go to the BEST section of the in-game Store to purchase yours.

Bundle: Contents: Price:

Skynet Fighter


(valued at 12,500)

Perfect Weapon

A series of five missions that expire on March 1. The missions grant the following rewards (in total):

  • Commander T-1000
  • 500 bonds
  • Various Crew Books
  • 25 Missions for ×5 XP

(valued at 7,500)

A closer look at the Step Into Eternity 2D style:

End of the Event

  • Battle Pass: Judgment Day ends on January 26 at 05:00 CET (UTC+1). After that:
    • The event screen will no longer be accessible.
    • You will no longer be able to purchase the Improved Pass and Stages.
  • Judgment Day bundles from the in-game Store will terminate on January 31.
  • The commanders will remain in the Barracks for recruiting.

Prime Gaming

Looking for even more Terminator 2-themed items and rewards? Check out our Prime Gaming Termination Package, available until February 14.


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