April Calendar


Two things are absolute musts for you this month: First, set your watches to summer time to avoid confusion. Secondly, you have to make some room in your calendar this April for World of Tanks, when we’ll be celebrating our 2-Year-Anniversary of the European server with some extra-special specials! Get ready for contests, promo offers, eSports events and other fun things that we have in store for you over the coming weeks.


April 2013

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Tank of the Month
Tank of the Month Discount Calm Before the Storm
Back to the Roots  Mid-Week Medal Hunt            
Tier I to the Front!  
Tank of the Month
Calm Before the Storm Mid-Week Medal Hunt      2nd Anniversary World of Tanks Europe
         Second Anniversary Contest: Razer’s Edge
Hunt Us Down
Tank of the Month
Second Anniversary Contest: Razer’s Edge
2nd Anniversary
World of Tanks Europe
Mid-Week Medal Hunt       Ambush
Hunt Us Down      
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Tank of the Month
     Hunt Us Down   
Ambush Mid-Week Medal Hunt     Sweet Dreams Are Made of Steel

Tank of the Month  
Sweet Dreams Are Made of Steel


Tank of the Month – Jagdpanther

April is dedicated to the Jagdpanther, a feisty German Tier VII Tank Destroyer, that’s bound to bring fun to your battlefields this month. Use it frequently and earn 30% extra credits!



Tier I to the Front! – Whilst often overlooked, beginner vehicles can actually be quite fun when used properly! This short one-day event will give them the attention they deserve.

Calm before the Storm – There’s a storm coming. An anniversary-storm of specials and gifts, of course! To prepare accordingly, let us supply you with all the stuff you need to get in the mood for a proper celebration.

Second Anniversary Europe Special – Happy Birthday to us… and to you too! Celebrate this memorable occasion with a tank-load of discounts, income boosts and special offers on pretty much everything that’s got tracks on it!

Ambush – Since our Tank of the Month is a tank destroyer, we thought it only fitting to dedicate a special to this “special” type of vehicle. Look forward to it!

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Steel – Who are we to disagree? We’ve prepared another selection of lucky vehicles that will get the highlight treatment of bonuses, discounts and boosts. Will your favourite steel warrior be among them?



Hunt Us Down – Chase us on battlefields and Hunt Us Down!

Mid-Week Medal Hunt – Earn some extra experience by obtaining the nominated medal each week.

Second Anniversary Total War Contest – Take part in our contest to celebrate our Anniversary, and win gold and special extra prizes.



Back 2 Your Roots – A series of fast-paced low-tier battle-races on our most popular urban maps. What could be more fun than this Fun Cup?

Anniversary Tournaments – Sign up in one of three classes and stand your ground against other competitors for your chance to win such tanks as the Type 62, the KV-5 or Type 59!

If you want to know more about what other eSports events we’re running, check out this month’s dedicated eSports calendar!


That’s it for this month. What special are you waiting for most, Commanders?

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