Premium Days and a Fine Light Tank


The latest combo package of 30 days of WoT Premium Account plus a nice collector’s item is ready for you! Head to the Premium Shop and grab a classic light tank with all the benefits of a Premium Account.

The III M3 Light is just one version of a variety of tanks based on the American M3 Stuart. Modifications of this reliable light tank were supplied under the Lend-Lease Act to almost all of the Allied forces, including the USSR, which is where this fairly fast flanker with tough frontal armor can be found. While the Soviets were not very impressed by the American vehicle, which seemed unsuited to the conditions of the Eastern battlefields, this fast-firing light tank cruises perfectly fine across all the regions in World of Tanks.

Add it to your Garage along with a month of Premium time. World of Tanks Premium Account grants you 50% more credits and experience per battle, as well as special Premium missions, a Reserve Stock of credits, and much more. Upgrade your game experience now!

Available from March 15 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) through April 15 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

30 days of Premium + M3 Light
ends in:

Please note that you will receive300,000as compensation if you already own the tank in the package.

World of Tanks Premium Account Benefits


50% more Crew XP per battlePremium Missions

Owners of World of Tanks Premium Account will have the opportunity to fulfill a chain of three simple daily missions.


More Combat XP per battleMore Combat XP per Battle

Standard Account lets you exclude one map, whereas World of Tanks Premium Account allows you to exclude two.

Transfer crews between vehicles of the same type and nation without penalty or retraining.Bonuses

World of Tanks Premium Account provides a 50% bonus to Combat Experience, Crew Experience and credits.

Elite status allows you to convert Combat XP earned into Free XPApplicable Modifier for XP

With World of Tanks Premium Account, apply an additional x3 multiplier to experience earned in your latest victorious Random Battle 5 times a day.

Accelerated crew trainingReserve Stock

WoT PA Reserve Stock: receive an extra bonus of up to 750,000 credits every 7 days. Also, a 10% bonus to credits earned goes into a special vault.

More credits per battlePlatoon Bonus

In a Platoon, World of Tanks Premium Account holders receive a 15% bonus to credits. Also, Platoon members who are not holders receive a 10% bonus.




Roll Out!