Special: Winter Is Coming!


Winter is coming and it will be followed by many great bonuses to warm you up during the long cold evenings! Put your mittens on, grab a mug of hot chocolate and brace yourselves for the following:


Triple Crew Experience

Tough conditions make tough people – get your crews into top form at triple the pace!


50% discount on all Tier II-V standard vehicles

Save half the credits on the journey to mid-tier battles!


30% credit income bonus for all Tier VI-VII standard vehicles

Higher tiers, higher income – profit from every battle on your sixes and sevens!


15% discount on all Tier VIII standard vehicles

Join the big guns’ club and get your Tier VIII with a discount!


50% discount on all Tier II-IV premium vehicles*

Expand your premium tank collection at half the price…


30% discount on all Tier V-VII premium vehicles*

…or grab a nice credit-earner for 30% less!

*Please note that the premium vehicles’ discounts will also apply to the Premium Shop offers for the duration of the special. However, please bear in mind that the discount in the Premium Shop only applies to the vehicle and the prices of any additional package contents (such as a Garage Slot) remain the same. 
In addition, note that the Type 64 (Chinese Tier VI light Tank), Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai (Japanese Tier V medium tank), and other premium vehicles not available in the in-game store are excluded from the discounts. 


50% discount on Crew Training

This is the best time to man your machines!


50% discount on Crew Skill Reset

Need to fix your crews’ skills? Now is the perfect opportunity!


50% discount on Consumables

Restock your supplies at a favorable rate using gold or credits!


50% discount on Barracks Expansion

More bunks, more crews, more power!



Bringing the Heat


Destroy at least 3 enemy vehicles while dealing at least 1,800 points of damage in a single battle




Random Battles Only

*Please note that this mission does not have a limitation on how many times you can complete it – as long as it is active and the goals are fulfilled, you can enjoy the reward!


Ice Breaker


Win one battle


1 day of Premium Account


  • Random Battles Only
  • Once per account


You can enjoy these bonuses from Friday 29th November 2013 06:10 CET (GMT +1) until Tuesday 3rd December 2013 06:00 CET.


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Interactive Special

30-50% discount and 50% bonus crew experience on the tech tree branch leading up to and including the G.W. Panther


Roll out, Commanders!